Night life at Belvedere.

Lockdown at Belvedere inspired the boys to spend a lot more time on the farm than usual, and Cobus’ Junior’s mission was to set up the game spy camera at the vulture hide to determine what night life was occurring when the sun goes down.

There were three interesting mammals visiting the "graveyard." In this blog I will discuss the first visitor that was caught on camera.

Honey Badger also known as a Ratel.

10 Interesting facts

  1. They look cute but don’t let their facade fool you. They are known to attack lions.

  2. Ratel means honeycomb in Dutch and ratle is also the word for rattle in Afrikaans and when the honey badger chooses to fight it does so with a strong rattling sound.

  3. A mature male honey badgers weigh 10-15kg.

  4. Females have two pairs of breasts with nipples. This is helpful because they typically give birth to twins and both cubs can breastfeed at the same time.

  5. Honey badgers can turn their anus inside out and shoot a foul-smelling liquid that would make most people choke.

  6. They are one of Africa’s most intelligent creatures.

  7. It has a specially adapted rubbery 6 millimetres thick skin, that is similar to the skin of the Cape Buffalo, an animal that weighs 50 times more than the honey badger. The skin is far larger than the animal and he can turn and twist within his skin.

  8. Like their name suggests…they love honey.

  9. These little omnivores will eat about anything from mice, birds, rotting meat, flowers, fruits and just about anything they can get their teeth into.

  10. Honey badgers are born blind.

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